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Wild Assent is Funded on Kickstarter!

By 16 October 2018Blog

For Immediate Release
Friday, October 16, 2018
Press Inquiries: kickstarter@lazysquire.games

HERNDON, Va., October 16, 2018 – Lazy Squire Games (LSG) launched its board game, Wild Assent, on Kickstarter today, and reached its $70,000 funding goal in less than two hours: https://kck.st/2y9C5p2. There are currently eight Stretch Goals unlocked, adding new miniatures and gameplay elements to all backers for free.

Wild Assent is a 1-4 player miniatures board game with exceptionally detailed miniatures and two distinct modes of play.

  • In the Arena, 2 or 4 players battle against one another in the gladiatorial arenas of the Silvestrem, each forming a team of monsters lead by a customizable champion.
  • In the solo/co-op Hunt mode, 1-4 players must track the dangerous creatures of the Wilds, killing or capturing their prey as they attempt to bolster their encampment in order for their expedition to survive.

Two pledges are available for purchase: the $99 Gladiator pledge includes the Wild Assent Core Game and a special Feathered Serpent miniature chosen by the fans that won’t be available after the campaign. The $199 Champion Pledge includes everything in the Gladiator pledge, plus the Shadows of the Silvestrem expansion. Lazy Squire Games is running an early bird promotion; anyone who backs the campaign by selecting one of the above pledges within the first 72 hours will receive Lady Aylwen and Unicorn miniatures for free.

In the world of Wild Assent, society is built around the Silvestrem, a massive complex of gladiatorial arenas where combatants are forced to fight and die for the entertainment of the wealthy and powerful. Owned by the vile sorceress Vareclea, the Silvestrem is a bloody stain on the continent, its influence reaching hundreds of miles in every direction. The masses often have two choices: work for the Silvestrem, or be forced to fight in the arenas themselves.

More information about Wild Assent can be found at the Lazy Squire Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LazySquireGames and the Wild Assent website at https://wildassent.com. A press kit can be found HERE.

Lazy Squire Games has a small history of providing strong support to other companies for their Kickstarter endeavors, including the Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures and Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers campaigns.