For three decades the Seekers have filled the pens and prisons of the Silvestrem, supplying an endless stream of blood and bone for Vareclea’s contests. There are some that believe each date etched on their arm is one more piece of their soul they have bartered for freedom and coin. The recruitment posters tell of courageous exploits deep in the Wilds, the legendary hunts of fantastic beasts and mythical monsters. They do not speak of dragging entire families to the markets; how trading the lives of your neighbors may be the only choice left after two seasons of failed expeditions. Some Seekers are more noble, or so they tell themselves. However, there is no honor nor hope in a Seeker whose second anniversary draws near.

Wild Assent - Berlyne


Wild Assent - Fani


Wild Assent - Illithena


Wild Assent - Zaxos