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Lore: Taming the Wilds

By 30 July 2018Blog, Lore
Wild Assent - Horned Golem

Mythical birthplace of the gods, the Wilds span half a continent, stretching beyond the edge of the low plains of Andopola to the snowcapped mountains of Paelathron. The Wilds are the ancestral homeland of the Ashcarii and a largely untouched ecosystem of fantastic creatures and horrifying monsters. All of the denizens of the Wilds have value, and it is the Seekers who hunt and capture whatever prey they can find. The Seekers were born out of the need for the Silvestrem to replenish fallen gladiators; an essential service with a demand that has only increased with the passage of time.

Anyone can become a Seeker. It requires only a short orientation and a mandatory magical branding of the Seeker’s crest on the initiate’s shoulder. The current date is branded below the crest, and with it begins a perilous countdown. Each time a Seeker returns to the Silvestrem with something to sell at the markets, a new date is added to their arm. Any Seeker whose most recent date is more than two years old becomes fair game for their fellow Seekers. The Silvestrem is filled with failed Seekers, sold by their former comrades and forced to fight in the arenas for survival.

Hunting in the Wilds is a dangerous task and Seekers often band together in an attempt to ensure their safety. Veteran Seekers will often garner larger shares of the bounty, but their experience on the hunt can mean the difference between capturing a plaguebeast or being eaten by one. Selling even the least valuable of creatures at the Silvestrem’s markets will garner a small fortune for a group of Seekers, but there is little time to enjoy their newfound wealth. Until the list of dates on their arm reaches their wrist, a Seeker is always seeking, just a short couple of years away from becoming prey themselves.