The Ashcarii believe the Wilds are the ancestral homeland of the gods. They were born among its highest peaks, and, in the case of the Lavon, they died in its lowest chasms. The centuries-long presence of these powerful beings had a profound effect on the ecosystem, turning the continent into a vast wilderness of countless wonders and immeasurable dangers. The creatures of the Wilds are an ever-present link to those deities now living among the stars, a dysfunctional family of mythical monsters and magical beasts. Though some may share certain similarities, each is unique, powerful and deadly. Their number also appears to be inexhaustible. For almost three decades, Seekers have invaded the Wilds and captured creatures to fight in the Silvestrem, and yet they have barely scratched the surface. Even the Divide, the river that separates the Wilds from the rest of the world, is not barren of life despite constant poaching. There is not a year that goes by that a fresh squad of Seekers isn’t ambushed crossing the river, dragged into the depths by a Streamcaller or so other aquatic monstrosity.

Wild Assent - Horned Golem

Horned Golem

Wild Assent - Phoenix


Wild Assent - River Guardian

River Guardian

Wild Assent - Gryphon


Wild Assent - Deamonretch


Wild Assent - Streamcaller


Wild Assent - Plaguebeast


Wild Assent - Wildsflower


Wild Assent - Wildwoods Sentinel

Wildswood Sentinel

Wild Assent - Wisp


Wild Assent - Daeron Dragon

Daeorn Dragon

Wild Assent - Lava Fiend

Lava Fiend