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We here at Lazy Squire Games are dedicated to creating quality games that are immersive, strategic and, most of all, fun. We’ve worked behind the scenes on several board game Kickstarter campaigns and we believe we are ready to strike out on our own and bring our exciting ideas to your tabletop. I hope you join us on our next campaign, but even if you don’t, I want you to remember our goofy name, because we’re just getting started.

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Lazy Squire Games LLC
3175 Kirkwell Place
Herndon, Va 20171
mail: kickstarter@lazysquire.games


Robert MC Connel

Robert Mc Connell

Owner, Designer, Writer and Editor

Robert Mc Connell was born in South Carolina, but lived there for less than a year. He lived in 10 different places by the time he was 20, including two military bases and a village (no, really) in England. He's loved games of all types since he learned to read, cutting his teeth on PC games like Wizardry, Dungeon Master and Quest for Glory at an early age. He eventually branched out to card games, then miniature games and now pretty much any type of game he can get his hands on. Now he designs games and writes bios about himself in the third person and to be honest, its kind of weird (the third person thing; not the games).

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