Throughout the world there are rare individuals born with the impressive ability to commune with the diverse creatures of the Wilds. This connection can be made quickly, and, once performed, can last for weeks or even years. Most have no idea this power rests within them, until it’s too late. In the days before the elven empire, the Ashcarii called this connection, “the Assent”. Elaborate rituals were performed and individual species of creatures such as the phoenix and the daeorn dragon held exalted places within Ashcarii society. That all ended when war broke out among the Ashcarii tribes, the power to command the Wilds proved too enticing a prospect for the ambitious and the depraved. Leaders of all the tribes met at the Vein, a sacred place among the Ashcarii, and agreed that never again would they attempt to control the creatures of the Wilds. Centuries passed and the rituals were forgotten. “Assent” began to be used to describe the individual instead of the connection, as these gifted few stepped out of history and into legend.

Wild Assent - Amalia


Wild Assent - Gurantev


Wild Assent - Koralt


Wild Assent - Lady Aylwen

Lady Aylwen

Wild Assent - Serrick


Wild Assent - Yerra